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How do I respond to that?

I just came across Buddy Media’s white paper, The Definitive Guide to Social Media Moderation and Publishing, while catching up on the latest posts on Mashable. What I really like about the white paper is the use of screen shots depicting real-life communication examples—from companies representing several different industries (another plus – different industries require different tones)—broken down to demonstrate best practices and potential missteps. While the white paper strictly shows examples from Facebook,  I think that most (if not all) of the information and examples translate to interactions taking place on any social networking site.


Opportunities, ASAE, and iPad — oh, my!

What more can I say? July has shaped up to be a fantastic month and I couldn’t be more grateful. This post will be brief — but I am so excited that I just had to share!

1. At work, we have been moving full steam ahead on our social media initiatives, well, that is full steam ahead with the resources that we currently have. And although I may be biased, I feel like we are off to a promising start and I am excited to see what the future, and specifically our annual meeting, bring. The social media work has truly been fun and rewarding, and has really given me the opportunity to challenge myself. One of the most rewarding things has been the opportunity to write a couple articles on social media for one of our monthly publications. Seeing the final copy of my second submission with very few edits was the greatest feeling ever.

2. During my annual review I was asked to review the ASAE 2010 preregistration brochure and highlight any sessions of interest, and was told that I *may* have the opportunity to go across the country to attend the event. One highlighter and several weeks later — I was told that I would, in fact, get the opportunity to attend and I just booked my hotel room this afternoon. The lineup of ASAE sessions looks extremely interesting and valuable, and I couldn’t be more excited or appreciative of this opportunity!

3. Which brings us to number three. Upon hearing that I would ‘most likely’ be able to attend ASAE, my mild, but persistent, longing for an iPad transformed into a full-on need. I attribute the fuel to the fire to two things: (1) my annoyance at traveling with my laptop, e.g. lugging it through security (or anywhere outside of home for that matter), and (2) the realization that I will probably encounter many ASAE attendees proudly toting their own iPads and effortlessly pulling off multitasking feats of strength. Translation: I knew I would fly into a quiet, but undeniable, fit of envy if I didn’t have my own. So, after saving my ‘fun money’ for a bit, I picked up my very own iPad on Friday, and so far, I love it!

With that being said, I’ve got a can of soup to prepare for dinner and some App Store surfing ahead of me. Looking forward to hopefully seeing some of my #eventprofs buddies at ASAE!

My Favorite Tech Tool of the Moment: Google Search Stories for YouTube

My buddies over at Engage365 recently introduced me to Google Search Stories for YouTube. Search Stories is a simple to use video creator that allows you to enter up to six search queries, select a musical track and upload a pretty professional looking video to YouTube. The possibilities are endless – commercials, product promotions, blog entries, etc.

Until today I had only created one Search Story, a promotional piece to generate excitement for my work’s annual conference. Turns out that my work liked it so much that it is now embedded on our annual conference’s homepage as a featured video!

With Search Stories, you have the ability to set the Search Story to pull the queries from not only the web, but to pull specifically from images, blogs, news, books or products. This combined with the wide range of musical themes to choose from allows you to easily generate the emotion and tone you are going for – whether somber, dramatic, action-packed or silly.

Check out the Search Story I made about the game changing moments I have experienced as a result of social media and the amazing #eventprofs Twitter community. Enjoy!

Next Steps – Even More Targeted, Relevant Social Media Research – Care to offer some advice?

Year-round, I send out a monthly newsletter to our regular exhibitors. Articles typically cover upcoming deadlines, important dates, registration statistics, advertising opportunities, sponsorship opportunities, etc. Now that my organization has made the decision to move forward with social media initiatives for our 2010 annual meeting, I’ve realized that the exhibitor newsletter opens up a perfect opportunity to explore *exactly* what our exhibitors are doing, or not doing, or are interested in doing, with regards to social media – and their perspective on social media initiatives led by show management.

We are approaching social media with a carefully considered and thoughtful short-term strategy, which will provide us with the metrics to then determine our long-term strategy. One important consideration as we move forward is finding new and creative ways to leverage social media to increase the value of exhibiting and sponsorship in and around our annual meeting. This could range from new sponsor benefits to new metrics to provide in return for sponsorship and/or increased exhibit hall traffic.

The natural first step seems to be surveying our exhibitors to see where they are currently with social media and how they would like to see both their organization and show management using social media.

Please keep in mind that this is concerning a medical meeting, and thus subject to regulatory and compliance considerations, i.e., activities should not be too “carnivally” or “fun” in nature and should reflect a professional tone.

The goals of the survey would include:

Would the exhibitors benefit and appreciate social media initiatives led by show management geared at:

  • Attendees in an attempt to boost exhibit hall traffic; and if so, we would encourage them to provide suggestions to optimize this use of social media
  • Exhibitors to open up the collaborative “town hall” discussion year-round, and to exhibitors of all sizes and types

Obvious survey items would include requesting exhibitors to share their organization’s current social media involvement, the level of involvement for their personal use of social media, their opinion of various prospective social media initiatives (e.g. exhibit hall ‘scavenger hunt’, announcing product theater presentations, exhibit hall hours reminders, etc.) to increase exhibit hall traffic, positive/negative social media experiences at similar meetings, etc.

My question for you all –

Based on the goals of the survey – what unique and helpful questions would you include in the survey (taking into consideration the current regulatory landscape)?

One small step for man, one awesome step for this social media nerd.

Recently, I’ve noticed more talk of social media in my professional life and was thrilled to find myself a part of a meeting last week where social media was not only an agenda item, but one that generated a lively and contemplative conversation. In my opinion and from the perspective of the now-exposed-office-social-media-nerd, these are exciting steps in a really cool direction!

I couldn’t help but get over my usually timid attitude and pipe in at some points during the discussion (in spite of the annoyingly telling shakiness in my voice) and many of my comments were met with interest and surprise.

The Background

You see, while I will gladly talk social media with my #eventprofs peers and the various Twitter mavens I’ve befriended . . . and even bring it up at times to my girlfriends who haven’t yet seen this side of me and look at me like I’m speaking another language . . . and regularly watch my husband’s eyes glaze over as I excitedly fill him in on the latest drama reported by Mashable or Bnet . . . I don’t really bring social media up much at work. Why? My position doesn’t really encompass it and I have maintained it mostly as just that – a personal hobby.

The News

On Monday, this recently changed when I was asked to . . . drum roll, please . . .

Develop a social media proposal !!

It took just about all I had to maintain composure and not jump out of my chair and run around in circles. I am so thrilled, excited and flattered that I have been given the opportunity to look at social media through professional eyes and not just from the personal perspective of someone who simply finds it fascinating.

Drafting the proposal will obviously be a big learning experience for me as I will now have to really, I mean really, think about and evaluate social media on a different level, the level of a professional organization – not just as a personal interest or something I’d like to one day see implemented in my 9 – 5 world. This means thinking about potential challenges and opportunities from many perspectives – because as we all know – social media is a big deal these days, and while it can potentially be a big success for a company . . . there have been many instances where it is a well-intentioned, but dismal and embarrassing failure.

So thank you to the Rich Meyer’s, Scott Woodruff’s, Jeff Hurt’s, Traci Browne’s, Jenise Fryatt’s and Michael McCurry’s of the world for blogging, Tweeting and collaboratively sharing your valuable insights and being great resources. You have not only fueled a personal passion but enable me to translate personal development to professional as well.

(closes laptop, jumps out of chair and runs in circles)

IAEE Announces Launch of Social Media Task Force

Exciting!! I really hope I get the opportunity to participate! Already sent my request in. 🙂

Read about the Social Media Task Force here.


Ask and you shall receive.

Just 12 hours after sending an e-mail hoping to participate I received an enthusiatic and friendly e-mail welcoming me to the task force!

I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to participate!

And guess what?!

It was already pretty sweet that the task force is being headed by Chris Brogan, but I found out this afternoon that I’ll also be joining some of my favorite #eventprofs friends/mentors, Jeff Hurt and Greg Ruby.

After a fantastic 2009, full of great opportunities, self-exploration, education and luck – this is a great start to 2010!

You’re so vain . . . You probably think this song is about you, don’t you?

Yes, yes I do.

Now presenting the *amazing* . . . the NEW DORK!

Hat tip to Mashable.

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