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How I’m Following Expo! Expo! From 900 Miles Away

Let’s kick off this post by saying kudos to Convention News Television for their excellent coverage of  IAEE’s Expo! Expo!— a conference geared for professionals in the events and exhibitions industry— which is currently taking place in New Orleans. (You can check out the coverage by clicking here.) CNTV offers conference planners a way to leverage video coverage to enhance events, and “provides unique coverage for the meetings industry that can be sponsored… generating a new stream of revenue for our clients.

In addition to providing valuable content for attendees and offering an innovative sponsorship opportunity, CNTV also provides value for those unable to attend the event.

I was fortunate enough to be an attendee of Expo! Expo! in 2009 (primarily due to the convenient and cost-effective venue – just a couple of miles from my then home). Although I know I’m missing out on a great event this year, I am currently sitting at my dining room table (a mere 900 plus miles away) keeping up with the meeting via the interesting and helpful video coverage. The coverage—which is very professionally executed— offers more than a simple glimpse of the meeting’s hot topics and highlighted events. It also serves as an excellent reminder of the on-site excitement, valuable networking opportunities and education that I experienced during last year’s conference. What a powerful and impressive way to generate interest and encourage non-attendees to check out future IAEE offerings!

The only thing on my wish list to enhance the CNTV coverage of IAEE would be the addition of truly impromptu man-on-the-street style interviews* with attendees and speakers throughout the meeting, a la Emilie Barta during EventCamp 2010. Incorporating less formal, unscripted testimonials and commentary from attendees and speakers would liven the coverage up while creating more of a connection for non-attendees.

*I may have missed existing coverage in this format, or it may be incorporated in future coverage I haven’t yet seen.

Finally, although I’m green with envy, I’m loving the Twitterfeed (the hashtag is #expoexpo if you want to follow along) — so keep your tweets coming and have a great time in NOLA!

[Image via the IAEE website]

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