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Facebook and the FDA: Forcing Pharma’s Hand? (Slides + Audio)

Last week I caught a a very interesting webinar from WOMMA on Facebook’s new policy to no longer allow admins of pharma Pages to disable commenting on the content their Page — a very significant change in the highly regulated and scrutinized world of pharma marketing. The presentation covers the ins and outs of this change, which Pages will be affected, pros vs. cons, and predictions of its impact down the road. If you have an interest in pharma and/or health care marketing this is an informative presentation worth checking out during your lunch break.


How do I respond to that?

I just came across Buddy Media’s white paper, The Definitive Guide to Social Media Moderation and Publishing, while catching up on the latest posts on Mashable. What I really like about the white paper is the use of screen shots depicting real-life communication examples—from companies representing several different industries (another plus – different industries require different tones)—broken down to demonstrate best practices and potential missteps. While the white paper strictly shows examples from Facebook,  I think that most (if not all) of the information and examples translate to interactions taking place on any social networking site.

Now this is a movie I may actually see on opening night.

I have read all of the Twilight books, and like most women, I loved the Sex and the City series. I have enjoyed the movie adaptations of both Twilight and Sex and the City as well. However, I would never see the movies on opening night. I was just never compelled to wait in line and purchase an absurdly expensive ticket just to hear girls applaud every time a character comes on the screen or yell out “Team Jacob!!!!” I know that I would get so annoyed I’d just walk out. I’ve always waited several months for people to lose interest or for the release of the DVD.

This movie may change this pattern. While I enjoyed Twilight and Sex and the City – they pale in comparison to my love for social media. Here is the preview for The Social Network:

I’ll let you know what happens in October. 🙂

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