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My name is Christina Stallings and I am addicted to the internet.

I love all things social media and technology. I am also interested in tradeshows, sponsorships, writing and medical societies.

Random facts.

Alaska fascinates me. I enjoy wine, reading, Pilates and travel. I am in the process of making the switch to all things Apple.

My dream job would involve social media, technology, marketing and writing.

New resident of Columbus, OH by way of Atlanta, GA. Mostly enjoying the novelty of snow. The ice, not so much.

What is it about?

light bulb moments is a result of an overflowing folder on my desktop. This folder holds an obnoxious amount of great information and resources I’ve come across on the internet and saved in an attempt to create a toolbox to combat resorting to the norm.

Most of the posts pertain to social media, technology, tradeshows, events and sponsorships. There are some random thoughts peppered in occasionally.

My thoughts and opinions are completely personal – I’m here to learn and share.

Why the blog?

I’ve been microblogging on Twitter since March 2009 and figured it was time to try out the real thing.


In the spirit of the reasons I’m here, to learn and share, you can reach out to me by clicking here. I’d love to hear your thoughts, questions, ideas and/or opportunities for collaboration.


This is my personal blog and is not officially connected in any capacity to my employer. The opinions, strategies and ideas expressed here are strictly my own.

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