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Introducing my new just-for-fun blog: Curls N Pearls

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share a quick update. I will continue to post here at Light Bulb Moments on my professional interests – medical meetings and social media, but I have decided to start another blog in addition to this one, called  Curls N PearlsCurls N Pearls will be a space centered around the things I love—be it fashion, cooking, beauty…you get the idea—and sharing it with others. Sound like your cup of tea? Check it out!


Catching up on medical societies and social media

Just a quick post to share some interesting (and helpful!)  reads I have recently come across concerning physicians, medical meetings and social media. Enjoy!

Here Comes the Data: Results of Research on How Physicians Use Social Media (hat tip to Sue Pelletier)

How Social Media Transformed a Nonprofit Medical Professional Society (hat tip to Maddie Grant)

How Hospitals Can Avoid a Social Media Crisis

The HCEA Top 50 Largest U.S. Medical Meetings (Is it just me or is it kind of surprising that a state dental society tops the list? New York must have a ton of dentists!)

And finally, Dartmouth Hitchcock provides a terrific example of social media guidelines for employees. Easy to understand, fair and not too serious. (hat tip to Ed Bennett)

The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones — at Yoga.

My husband is six years older than me. He is only 33. As we get older a mere six-year age difference seems less and less significant. Yet, he is still the first person to poke fun at me for being so interested in technology, social media and everything related to the Internet.

I don’t mind. In fact, I am somehow oddly flattered when he jokes that I have no less than 47 ways to access the Internet in my purse alone. While this is obviously an exaggeration, to be fair, it’s not that far off.

So it came as no surprise to me when my appreciation for technology became a source of bewilderment for a complete stranger one morning last week. I rarely leave the house without either my iPad or Kindle in tow. After all, you never know when you are going to be delayed in some way or otherwise end up with some time to kill. So when an employee of my gym announced that the yoga instructor was running late for class one day last week I didn’t hesitate to whip out my Kindle and jump back into my latest novel of choice.

My reading was soon interrupted by a gentleman who looked to be about 60 occupying the neighboring yoga mat in the lotus pose, “Is that one of those there electronic book thingies?”

I looked up, smiled and nodded, “Yes, but it is actually the older version of the Kindle. My husband got it for me for Christmas a few years ago.”

He smirked and shook his head while attempting to switch to a cobbler’s pose, “I just don’t get it. My nephews are into all of that stuff.” He continued stretching and waved his hand in the direction of a young woman who was also attempting to read a few mats over, “She’s reading one of those old-fashioned books. You know, the ones with paper and ink?” More smirking and head shaking followed.

“How do you even get a book on that thing? Do you plug it into a computer?”

Optimistically hoping to enlighten this gentleman on the efficient bliss an avid reader could enjoy with a Kindle I hopped up from my mat to demonstrate just how easy it is to purchase a book. Within 15 seconds he waved me away saying, “I don’t have my glasses. I can’t see anyway.”

I gave up, but still smiled and returned to my mat to continue reading while I waited for our instructor.

That didn’t happen. Every sentence I attempted to digest was punctuated by George Orwell’s quips:

“Let me ask you – have you ever even played a record?”

“Hmph. I’m retired now. My company got the email sometime before I retired. Now people always want my email address. I just don’t get it. Just call me!”

“Imagine if you could have one device that had all of your music, movies, a phone, and the Internet — all in one??”

Still discouraged from my failed attempt to gently introduce him to the simple and beautiful efficiency of the Kindle I decided I would not waste my efforts by sharing the “news” of smartphones and tablets.

Later in the day when I reflected on this bemusing exchange I felt:

  • frustrated because he expressed curiosity about technology only to immediately wave it off as an unnecessary nuisance;
  • amused because the exchange could have been a scene straight from the cutting room floor of an updated version of the movie Grumpy Old Men;
  • and fearful of the day when I become so perplexed by—and resistant to—advances in technology that are created with the intent to make our lives easier and more enjoyable.

Then I came across this article in the technology section of The Wall Street Journal and I wasn’t so bothered. In fact, this article only strengthens my resolve to enjoy advances in technology as long as possible—no matter how difficult it is to let go and appreciate the ideas and inventions of the next generation.

— Sent from my iPad

(Yes, Grumpy Old Man – I wrote this blog post on my iPad and with a wireless keyboard. So what!)

p.s. I’m considering wearing sunglasses to yoga this week. Maybe he’ll think I’m from the future.

HootSuite Presentation View

HootSuite OwlsI think it is safe the say that the majority of regular Twitter users are divided into two distinct camps when it comes to their Twitter application of choice: HootSuite or Tweetdeck. I started as a Tweetdeck user, but later committed to HootSuite when social media became part of my job and I haven’t looked back since. The program is extremely user friendly, offers time-saving solutions for online community managers and has a proven track record (with me at least) of providing quality customer service and responding promptly to user questions and complaints.

Earlier this week, HootSuite announced a new viewing option available to all users for no charge: HootSuite Presentation View. This new option is designed with Twitter users and hashtag activity associated with conferences and events in mind. According to HootSuite:

During special events – like conferences, speeches, and elections – updates can overwhelm even the quickest of owls. While you can set up a stream to monitor certain keywords, how do you keep an eye on real-time results without refreshing?

The answer: the Presentation View. This view allows users to see updates as they come with a clear and easy interface to show Tweets from all Twitter users – not just those with whom you have a follow/er relationship.

I love a company that understands its users’ interests and anticipates needs.

Being in the association and conference world, my only request for an improvement to Presentation View would be to allow users to customize the theme. Annual meeting signage usually follows a color scheme which is carried throughout the thousands of signs, carpet and drape, bags, printed publications and other telltale components of a conference seen inside and outside of a convention center. What can I say — we like consistency.

Minor kvetch aside, I’m still impressed and pleased with HootSuite for developing this new feature. Well done, owls!

Epitome of a Beautiful Website

Apparently Anderson Cooper has a new daytime talk show, titled Anderson, in the works. You can see the newly launched website here. I love, love, love the look and feel of this website: simple, slick and very intuitive.

I think I will start every morning by watching this.

Completely off-topic, but definitely worth 55 seconds of your day. I present to you: Little boy gives epic inspirational speech (via PR Daily)

I see a long and successful coaching career in this kid’s future.

Facebook and the FDA: Forcing Pharma’s Hand? (Slides + Audio)

Last week I caught a a very interesting webinar from WOMMA on Facebook’s new policy to no longer allow admins of pharma Pages to disable commenting on the content their Page — a very significant change in the highly regulated and scrutinized world of pharma marketing. The presentation covers the ins and outs of this change, which Pages will be affected, pros vs. cons, and predictions of its impact down the road. If you have an interest in pharma and/or health care marketing this is an informative presentation worth checking out during your lunch break.

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